All Colors of Essence (A.C.E.) was created January 2007 when several ladies shared the same
dream to form an all female club that was dedicated to giving to charities and helping out in the
community. We created this club for women ages 25+ that represents a sisterhood; that unites and
builds self esteem. We are here to help one another obtain the knowledge needed to succeed in
everything that is placed before us.

We are strong-willed, independent, versatile, family-oriented and business women. We strive for
excellence, and are role models to all. We will unite for socializing, promote safe riding, encourage
fellowship among riders ,provide community service, raise money to support charitable
organizations, support other riding organizations in the development of motorcycling and be positive
role models for other generations in the community. We negate the stereotypes that demote the
image of female riders.

A.C.E. consists of professional women who takes pride as we ride and live Life to the fullest, while
maintaining strength, beauty and femininity.

The mission of the A.C.E. is to set the standards of respect, unity and professionalism by
unconditionally supporting each other and becoming role models within the community.